Trapped Talent

by Tre-L

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Tre-L's debut album "Trapped Talent" released in 2011 Follow Tre-L on twitter, instagram, tumblr, youtube: @thegirltrel

An old school flow with that boom bap vibe. A female emcee that's a force to be reckoned.


released September 16, 2011

Executively Produced by Pryme Prolifik and Klive Kraven; Rotten Garden Records and Goldminded International



all rights reserved


Tre-L New Jersey

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Track Name: Blood on the Ceiling (Prod. Nemisis)
Verse 1
Party started back in '99 still in my prime
Leaving school to go home so we can puff a couple dimes
Back to class high, seems that's all I ever wanted
My idea of having fun was cruisin' round and gettin blunted
L after L, drink after drink,
Add the crack add the diesel add the tabs of ecstasy
Each night high off something, weekends all or nothing
Thrill of gettin' caught gave me tingles in my stomach
I'm the one in control I don't care about statistics
Withhold if I wanted to but copped a new prescription
Time goes by needed something more potent,
To me I'm lookin' fly so luckily no on will notice
Lies kick in, start schemin' for the money
Hit my parents easily, they give in because they love me
I could care less, I mean I couldn't care less
Ruin anything that's perfect I'm a beautiful mess

I'm so used to my life with you around
I believe that I need to be free

Pins & needles, fuzzy feeling, love the hearing of bells
Throwing up or passing out means that my night has ended well
When the needle hits the vein, I no longer feel the pain
Each time I hit the pipe I escape to paradise,
Fuck it, I don't care if I die
If it's my time to go I'm gonna fade away high...
No matter what the situation when I think of that rush
Hands shake with anticipation, yearning for its touch
No thing as too much, I could never have enough
Feed my need til I'm pleased and I feel like I'm stuffed
Wake up, dope sick, body startin' to itch
Know once I get my fix it'll take away the twitch
Paranoid to an extreme, shootin up in closets
Peekin' out the window cuz I'm sure there's always some one watchin...
Is this the end of the road?
Narcane on deck headed towards the path of overdose


Rehab take one I ain't done havin' fun,
Get out, halfway house, good a month then I bounce
Take two, take three, like my body's on repeat
Fourth time's a charm, detox myself from misery
It's like no one could help, had to want it for myself
If you've never been there you wouldn't know what I felt
Closet full of skeletons, but I closed that door
I ain't goin' back to hell again, fuck a thing called settling
Achieving the dreams that I always deemed impossible
My life was horrible, happiness improbable
Now I'm invincable, tackle through the obstacles
Real friends around me now the girl's unstoppable
Never thought I'd see the day I'd care about me
Fought the battles, won the wars, now I'm finally free
Got a hip hop family supports my highs and lows
My addiction nowadays, fly kicks and rap shows
Track Name: Breathe Feat. Knives Hit Girl (Prod. Knives Hit Girl)
Came acrossed a bridge marked the point of no return
Message scribbled in a riddle but to me it was so simple
Walk acrss the path to watch your memories burn
Start to take a step really what would I be losin,
My heart, all it's bruises, the people who abused it
Who care's if I'm gone not like anybody needs me
Give, give, give, when is someone gonna breathe me?
No answer, toxic but there's no cancer
Rooms filled so why does no one have their hands up?
Battling depression cuz I've always lacked attention
Even in my younger days I felt like I was alone
Endless thoughts seemed to leave my mind blown
Had a sorrow in my soul but on the cover didn't show
The book of Tre wouldn't be a best seller
No Hollywood picture, another lost sister
No one remembers you for being unknown

Be my friend
Wrap me up
Breath me in
Be my friend

stand in a crowded room yet some reason I'm all by myself
The chit chatter overpowers out my cries for help
Need a safe haven to escape to when I'm anxious
Wonder if they'll ever know that I don't feel like I'm loved,
Don't wanna hear it, instead I'd rather feel it
Afraid of being open so my feelings I conceal it
I'll be damned if one more person takes advantage of the girl
A big heart don't stand a chance against this bigger world
Learned to keep my distance from the ones I care about the most
Cuz in the end I always seem to be the laughing joke
Only want the girl around to cause you entertainment
Thought we was cool, guess you had other arrangements
I deserve an explanation, don't get what happened to determine this estrangement
I kept it moving I suggest you do the same,
No need to speak names, good times but things change


Sometimes I swallow my pride, other times I'm ignorant
Resort to bickering, more screaming and less listening
Walked the higher road come to find it was a dead end
All alone, no one waiting by the phone
I know I have my faults don't need no on to point it out
That's what life's about, learn the most when I'm in doubt
Been down so many routes and too many wrong turns
Made so many friends and too many bridges burned
I ain't complaining, I love the path that I have taken
So amazin' how I landed in the basement
They say the best things in life are free
I say the best thing's to be an emcee, listen up when I speak
Still young I envision that my future's bright
I'm tryna be the light that guides you on the darkest night
There comes a point in life you realize no one's perfect
And nothing ever is what it appears upon the surface
Track Name: Frostbite (Prod. Tunna Beats)
Baby, you know I love you but I gotta let you go
This relationship is draining and it's eating at my soul
My heart is tired of being left out in the cold
I can't take this frostbite no more

You had my heart from the start back when you were just a crush
Saw you coolin on the corner felt my face begin to blush
Never been the type to rush or get caught up in that mind frame
I brought my dime game, bagged him with my rhyme game
The kisses and the hugs, Endless nights of love
We would ride or die together through the sweat and through the blood
Open up I was the picture to your locket
You were the hero, I ain't mind playing the sidekick
You were like my heimlich, gave me air to breath (and I)
Gave you the heart that I wore under my sleave
I kept it covered up, heart was out of sight
Didn't think I'd meet somebody who was more than just alright
The perfect piece that I needed to my puzzle,
And you dug me so deep felt like I was in a tunnel
Look into your eyes, no surprise I saw myself
Take true love over fame, any fortune or wealth


How could something so good end, tell me when it changed
Not one to blame but why'd you call me out my name?
You switched it up, think it's cool to disrespect me
I'm not one to bite my tongue so in return I'm thinking jet skis
Argue every day, every fight's the same,
Different topic, same plot, we refuse to budge spots
You're thinkin that I'm creepin', I'm thinkin that you're cheatin'
Cuz the bed we both reside in has been only used for sleepin
Cravin' your attention, how much clearer can I make it?
I feel it's basic to share with me your anguish
That's where we differ, you don't think the same as I do
Take a good look in the mirror I no longer stand beside you
Hard for me to think cuz my mind and heart argue
Heart says to stay, mind says hit the throttle
I still love you matter fact I always will
I don't mean to hurt your heart but here's the way that I feel