Memoirs of an Emo Rapper

by Tre-L

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released July 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Tre-L New Jersey

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Track Name: Emo-tions (Prod. Knives Hit Girl)
There's a lot that I should say,
But I'm stubborn so I'll probably take it to my grave
Cuz I lack at being brave
Once the words escape the face you can only sit and wait,
Will the feelings be embraced or will they formulate to hate?
Rather leave it in the dark then put it right out on the plate
I'm afraid of the unknown, it's like nobody gets me
Wanna be alone so I can finally stop stressing
I mean alone, I just wanna be alone
In a land far from home no such thing as a phone
Just me, the birds and trees, I mean literally
Have a bed, made out of leaves, ripe fruit within my reach
Don't forget my pen and pad, other than that good to go
No one else for miles so my only friend's a turtle
Friends, what are them? I've been trained to say it loosely
Only friend's my loose leaf, pardon me for speaking truly
You can claim you feel me but you'll never know my struggle
The hustle and the bustle of a mind behind a muzzle,
The heart is just a muscle why's it hurt more than the others?
Curled up in the fetal burried deep beneath the covers
Yet I claim to be a leader for my sisters and my brothers
Picture that, emo chick that's tryna rap
In a lane that is my own so all the weight is on my back
Tryna take a stand come to find my legs are strapped
Lost within myself and I can't seem to find a map
Even if I had one I probably wouldn't use it
Tired of being foolish so I put it in my music
Thoughts of acting ruthless, hold it in until I loose it
You can say I'm stupid but that's far from what the truth is
My journal's open watch the way that it unfolds
You are listening to the Memoirs of a Rapper who is Emo
Track Name: Plight of the Emcee (Prod. Tunna Beatz)
Tell me, what's the point when everything you do is wrong
It can't always be fixed with a song, think it's time to move on
Packed a bag got a one way ticket, objective, new mission
Try to find someone who listens
There's a distance between me and the world
I just want to be Seleta could care less about the girl
Every time I stand somebody knocks me on my feet
Even the last man standing has to one day take a seat
I'll keep it brief, I ain't here to waste your time
But it seems that's all I'm doin' with mine, turn my life to a rhyme
Who's to say that my opinions even matters?
Amongst the common rappers I get lost among the chatter...
Close the chapter, no happy ever after
Life is not a fairytale my home is not a castle
My voice drifted to the land that goes unheard,
Take me out of the reserves, send apologies to Jerze

After this I don't think I'm coming back
Never coming back, I'm never coming back
Somebody feel me, craving validation

Who's to say if I should stay or I should leave
Plight of the emcee, struggle lies inside of me

Maybe, if I leave it'll spare me of my certain pain
No name so I'm bound to leave with no shame
Thoughts within my brain make me wonder if I'm even sane
Contemplating if my only exit's with a blade
I get so frustrated, how am I supposed to take it?
Others seem so cookie cut while my life's always jaded
I get it now, life has its ups and downs
While riding on the merry go it's hard not to go round
When tryna speak my mind, words get intertwined
Not allowed to press rewind cuz this isn't a cassette
No tape deck so I'm living life with no regrets
Labeled as a threat so of course they wanna see me sweat
I tend to forget, how therapeuatic this could be
Doing this for me see, music is my outlet
Ain't afraid to put my feelings on the page
Maybe someone can relate, here to stay
It's the girl TRE!

After this they gon' keep on coming back
Keep 'em coming back, I'll keep 'em coming back
Needed a minute, I found my motivation
Embracing that my placement is to go beyond the basement

Track Name: Stained Feat. Absoulut Karnage (Prod. Dus)
Forgiveness isn't scripted it somehow is restricted
Heart has to grant permission but it won't without admission
Memory so vivid which is why I'm so conflicted,
Can't seem to shake the vision of a time we werent' distant
Which is ironic cuz I also see the agony
Tell you that I'm hurting, you ignore it, the audacity
Little room for error when your heart's at full capacity
Doesn't seem to phase you while I'm thinking it's a tragedy
This baffles me, one minute same page
Next minute, different book, tell me who's to blame
Tell me that I'm wrong for having all this inner rage and
I'll tell you that I'm wrong for believing what you claimed
Get over it Tre, at least that's what I tell my mind
But the stain is set so there's no getting out with Tide
Little things remind me of you but I just ignore it
Cuz the way I'm feeling now there's no way we can move forward

Can't shake the pain you caused cuz it stained my mind
The only hope is it will fade with time

Absoulut Karnage VERSE 2
When you were in my life it was just cool
Now the scissor snipped the memories, cutting pictures of you
I hold my phone while I think about the life we had
Fighting all the urges to call you up cuz it might be bad
It might be bad, no it will be bad
You're the only person on this planet that could make me feel this bad
I got a lot of questions why you did this to us
Pregnant with our baby but aborted it at 2 months
Finding out about it, yeah I blew up
Now I'm feeling nauseous everytime I pass a school bus
What happened to the trust that we used to have
A week before we were happy then you packed and moved your bags
And before you left you hit me with another bomb
And told me that you've been with someone else because our love is gone
You know what, forget these tears I'll deal with it
And I'mma move on because I'm still a man, while you're still a bitch

Mind is like a chamber holding hostage of my anger
Anticipate its danger so I treat you like a stranger
Minor turned to major now I view you as a traitor
Wagered up my trust so don't expect for me to save ya
Where is the love? What happend to the loyalty?
Now when in your presence I would rather you not notice me
A locked vault, now and then somebody opens me
But once the safe is shut lock changes, throw away your key
Care too deep cuz my heart's too big
I'm a rare breed happy watching others win
Taking me for granted is the vice that makes me panic
Damage has occurred because I've been taken advantage
It's in the past but it's fresh within my mind
So currently I'm working on paying you no mind
Every hustle has a grind every pastor wants to preach
Some stains like to remain no matter how long they're in bleach
Track Name: I Apologize (Prod. Tunna Beatz)
I'm sorry for, blaming you
For everything, I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself, by hurting you

There is no explanation for a statement that is flagrant,
Either stick by what you said or just admit you were wrong
What I once considered sacred is no longer now the safest
I can't help but think I'm better off if I was alone
Still I'm looking at my phone, wondering if I should call you
Even if you picked it up it's like my point of view's not getting through,
So I guess that makes us stuck in a standstill,
Been down this road before and I'm not tryna climb another hill
Got the might but see I'm lacking at the will
Like I'm stuck within the matrix but don't got a choice in pills,
Words can't describe how my insides feel
Yet composure on the outside looking similar to steel
It's my fault, I know I'm hard to understand
Yet I still try to demand it when it clearly isn't God's plan
Always been a little anti-social
Cuz the ones that hurt me most are always ones that I am close to


Don't know how this effects you but erase me like a pencil,
Cuz it's easier to do that then to live through a lie
Once considered rare and special, now appears to be just metal
Should've never said a word and just pretended I was blind
Too much on my mind that's probably better never said
So I pick the words to pieces til they're scrambled in my head
Sittin on the fence still unsure of where to go,
Cuz either way I'm losing and it's out of my control
Starts taking on a toll so what else am I to do?
You try to blame me, I point my finger at you
Not worth it to pursue, always have a good excuse
Why fight a million battles just to tackle down the truth?
Ring the bell throw the white flag in,
I surrender cuz I'm sinkin' since I barely know to swim
It's not you, I'm trained to enter lock-down
So once I'm feelin' threatened I immediately shut down


Should've kept my distance, had to know from the beginning
Cuz it seemed to good to be true from the very, very start
Finally was winnin', thought my luck had finally shifted,
Didn't wanna face the fact that it would one day fall apart
A big heart, tend to care too deep,
Thinkin' that it'd be returned instead it backfires on me,
My anger is unleashed saying things that I don't mean
It's my only self defense to protect a heart grown weak,
Can't speak because I'm at a loss for words,
My message is unheard so that makes me go bizerk,
There's a method to my madness as to why I am recluse
Cuz when I'm by myself then my sadness is reduced...
Blamed you but I too deserved the fault,
You opened up the wound and I added on the salt
Tre gains another loss, I'm the one who pushed away
Tried my hardest to explain all that's left for me to say is
Track Name: Words Can't Describe Feat. PM & Pryme Prolifik (Prod. Tunna Beatz)

Words can't describe the way I'm feeling inside,
But I guess I could give it a try
(Form the words into rhymes)
Words can't describe the way I'm feeling inside
But I'mma close my eyes and open wide
(I'mma swallow my pride)

If I could rewind time, to we first met
When we locked eyes, to our first kiss
You were like my sunshine, more than best friends
I remember never wanting it to end, but here we go again
The bickering and arguements that's leading us to fighting
And we keep on breaking up when we supposed to be uniting
Fam say forget you to move on and it ain't worth it
But we learn from our mistakes cuz I know ain't nobody perfect
I don't see the purpose no regrets cuz love is foolish
Tired of the bullshit giving up with your excuses
She says she wants change, well be the change and demonstrate
Or like a pool game are we destined for the break
I don't know what I can take, to say that love is fatal
Cuz you stabbed me with the cards that I layed down on the table
It took the rest of me, or what's left I had inside
As my point can come across there's no words I can describe


Always been the type to keep it bottled up inside
Seems like everytime I swallow my pride, I get hit from behind
Sometimes I sit and think my life was a mistake
No need for debate change my mind within a day
Right back to being Tre, also known as the girl
On her Pinky & The Brain shit, aiming for the world
Next day back to being dazed, put me in a cage
I don't want no one around me, yeah, that's how it goes
Press rewind, play, repeat, my life video
Go the way the wind blows, like to keep it simple
If I could only help the thoughts within my mental
I'm in attack mode screaming they don't hear me though
What else is new, Tre's emotional again
So of course she has to pick up her pen
It's like my only way to vent when I'm depressed I never pick the right words
There's a million ways to say that I'm hurt


You're feeling obligated, pinpointing my flaws
Stress my life situation like everythings wrong
Re-evaluate your strategy, praise me like your majesty
I'm having it no more, feels like the world wants to battle me
I strive for perfection, who are you to give a lesson
Feel like I am cursed though the Lord sent a blessing
Every day I'm stressin, wish I had a bed in heaven
I keep it real girl never showing no deception
In depth chats shared my bed and shared my crib
Gave you a place to stay when you had nowhere to live
Now everything is fine just thoughts in my mind
So I'm letting my frustrations out, writing my rhymes
You will never know my stress or the weight on my chest
You think you're the only one alive feeling depressed
I keep a wall up, so I'm stronger for you
But in the end I feel I'm harming you
Track Name: Gin & Tonic (Prod. Bojekz)
It's hard for me to swallow why my body feels so hollow,
Vent my problems to a bottle til my walk becomes a waddle
Full throttle see my life is moving fast
So I pour another glass, tell myself that it's the last
But I know better, start and then I can't stop
Even if it's not planned, neck it til the last drop
Crack another even if the party's over,
Being a push over equals Tre not being sober
I can't take it, mind kicks to overdrive
Take another gin & tonic, don't forget the lime
Either that or turn my feelings to rhymes (or)
Combine the two, watch the madness align
No matter how hard I try, never grounded
Body won't allow it, like I'd rather have it clouded
Seems when my heart aches, I can't think straight
So I dead the thoughts by becoming a tank
Problem is it only works for the moment
Out of sight, still in focus, proof my mind's broken
Crazy how the girl could be outspoken,
With a little help from that potion

Hook x 4
I hate the way that I am feeling within
So I'm chasing down my tonic with gin

Yeah I'm with a group but I'm drinking by myself
Not literal, sad and kind of pitiful
I'm thinking that it's critical,
You're thinking that I'm kidding you,
In some games there's no option of a pivotal
Instead of being miserable, I'll drink the pain away
In hopes that the feelings I'm having will fade
Once the night's gone, my emotions remain
Wake up, it's the same, it's like nothing has changed
One would think, in time I would realize
But I close my eyes, easier to pretend blind
Yeah laugh, I already know that I'm a joke,
Heading down the river with a paddle and no boat
Ain't ask for your opinion so don't tell me how to cope,
Just some random thoughts I put into note...
The truth is, inside me is ruthless,
I care too much to only give two cents
So I guess that means I'll keep getting bent,
And keep my feelings locked up like a fence
Drown my sorrows for the moment worry later bout tomorrow
With a little help from that gin bottle

Hook x 4
Track Name: Deep Breath (Prod. Pryme Prolifik)
I say things that I don't mean (why) Because I'm mean,
But if you scratch beneathe the surface find my insecurities
Try to cover up for it or find what I've been lackin',
In other words slackin', watch it pass instead of grab it
Silly rabbit, slow and steady wins the race
So you travel full speed I'll move at a turtle's pace
And while I do it igg the voices in my head
That tell me time and time again,
You'll feel better when you're dead
Oops there she goes again, being all depressed
I ain't begging for attention just to get things off my chest
Internalize emotions, I don't speak of how I'm feeling
Blood pressure building, raising higher than the ceiling
Just when I think that I can't take it anymore,
Put my pencil to the paper let the madness starts to pour
I let it flow until my cupeth runeth over
What's the sense of having arms when you don't even have a shoulder

Close your eyes sleep, this is just a bad dream
Can't be reality cuz the pain's too deep
Make things better by the time I count to three
One, Two, Breathe....

Keep a smile on my face even in my darkest hour,
In my mind tryna get through the hour,
Tryna get through the minute, tryna get past the moment
Tryna gather up the power to no longer live in torment
Act surprised though I do it to myself,
Keep on lying to me cuz you're lying to yourself
Yeah it's cool, this is something that I'm used to
Get the bandage and the guaze so the wound's don't seep through
That's what happens when your skin is paper thin,
Sensitive, words are daggers to my ribs,
Throwing stones when my home is made of glass
But who hasn't, can you riddle me that?
In a split second flat, things turn pitch black
Dark road, no map, I don't know which way is back
And I don't need to I'mma keep on moving further
Time is on my side and my mood is just a hurdle

Hook x4
Track Name: Fact of the Matter Feat. Mislyss, Pryme Prolifik & Darq Kent (Prod. Pryme Prolifik)
You don't even know what you do to me, I mean
You make my heart stop beating with you presence
It's a blessin' just to have you by my side,
So I let myself go for a ride, lows turn into highs
Before I know it even lower than I started,
Why is it that letting go is the hardest?
I'd rather have a little something than nothing at all
Consciously I've built a wall, never seem to igg your calls
Honestly it's because I don't wanna, sweatin' you like a sauna
Tryna find the words to say that I want ya,
But wait, before you try to skate,
I ain't trying to complain I'm just tryna plead my case
But now I see there's no way for us to be
Release me from your clutch, I demand you set me free
And I ain't arguing 'bout who's in the blame
I'm just hopin' that you're feeling the same

The fact that we can't be
A waste of all the things I dreamed
The fact, that we can't be
The reason I can't sleep
The fact, that we can't be
Is the thing that's breaking me
The fact, that we can't be
Brings me to my knees

Saw you at the bus stop try to kick some game
Said ma come here with your fancy ways
You're amazing and such, I'm fantasizing your touch
Want you all to myself, want you under my clutch
Fell head over heels I'm in love for real
When you shoot me down, I need the pain to heal
No medicine can help me, it's really unhealthy
When I look at your frame, my heart starts melting
I feel shut down like the bills unpaid
And it's more than getting laid, wish I could tap in your brain
Wish I could see your thoughts, carve our names in a heart
With a blade that is sharp and leave a permanent mark
I'm also turned on girl by your smart remarks
So I spit game quick with my lethal-est darts
But you shot me down like a fighter jet to the ground
And I'm better now, knowing you ain't coming around


Listen, I feel like we moved too fast
And this was going great, but I met this blonde in class
Went out for a drink and shared a convo over wine glasses
I'm just slow on decisions, while my life passes
I'm just tryna give you the truth, I should be lying
And this is just a bump in the road and you're driving
We all need a party time to a certain degree
And a relationship right now just ain't for me
I know what I want in the future and it's you
You're the top of my mountain, you're my better view
You're what I want in the end so baby listen please,
I'm not tryin to hurt your feeling's get off your knees
So, the fact that we can't be, it's all about timing it's not just me
You're my franchise player, my number one earner
We need time apart girl you're on the back burner, go
Track Name: Misery (Prod. Knives Hit Girl)
Try to lack emotions by going through the motions
Hard to close your heart when it's so used to being open
Things are out of focus, everything is broken
To change things back needs more than hocus pocus
You claim it doesn't hurt, good I hope it didn't
Cuz despite what you are thinking that was never my intention
Me on the other hand I know I'm not okay,
Trapped within a maze and can't seem to find my way
Things are in a haze, life is in a daze,
Can't help but to think back to when things were amaz-
Ing, but things change like seasons
Rhyme nor reason, I don't know what I believe in
It seems time goes by faster when you're older
Shield up like a soldier, heart a little colder
Stronger than a boulder, well at least that's what I tell myself
Can't be good for others I ain't good for my own health

I ain't here to brag, I ain't here to boast
Didn't come to get fly or to crack a few jokes
Turn up the beat, listen close to what she wrote
Writing each and every line from my soul

If I'm always pleasing you then I'm never pleasing me
Can't win no matter who's the referree
Every dog has its' day on mine I'll catch fleas,
I was made to live in misery


There's a lot not being said when it needs to,
But fuck it add it on to the list of my bucket
If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get finished
Maybe I'm a cynic or at least my biggest critic
Searching for an image that I finally see clearly
Somebody hears me, Tre's no longer weary
Wait, take a break, wake up it's a dream
Proceed to scream cuz I'm trapped in my anxieties
No surprise to me so why is it I'm screaming
Smother inner demons by having a lack of breathing
Begin wheezing, please don't hyperventilate,
Searching for a reason 'fore I see the white pearly gates
Try to escape but I don't even know to where,
A land with no despair so I'm grasping at thin air
Swear not to care, problem is I care too much
The road is rough so prepare for the bumps

Track Name: Hero Feat. Sol Zalez & Liz Cisco (Prod. Pryme Prolifik)
Get on your tip toes you'll never leave the ground
High on cloud nine cuz I smiled from a frown
Yeah I got knocked down but didn't lose the fight
Bases loaded, hit a homer, in the bottom of the ninth
It's a hard knock life when your every day's a strife
So much living in the dark at first it hurts seeing the light
Absorb in the warmness a flame that is gorgeous
Burning me internally so now my pen's a faucet
Could say I lost it but that wouldn't be my marbles
Modern day marvel, I'm the shark amongst the dolphins
Not flawless, thoughtful of my flaws
Kicking down the door with just the strength of my aura
Cruise like a tour bus and thrice as brolick
Heavy with the knowledge so I'm built to form a solid
The storm is over now I'm chillin in the cool breeze
Might've shook me up but no one ever gets the best of

At first it seemed cloudy but I made it through the rain
Bring on the pain, keep on fighting like I'm Bruce Wayne
No superpowers yet somehow I am a hero
Self proclaimed weirdo but I'll never be a zero

Sol Zalez
It feels good but its kinda weird, succeeding inside of here.
All these years, the chipping away at it until the light appears.
Now i'm standing by the spork in the road. Which way to go?
Hurry to find more curry- colored records to sell ten fold sturdy
without losing my precious soul early. yeah
Its real rap til I keel over the curb, quote it.
A deep brother before they bestowed him a word,
and he mastered the astral knowledge that'll open the Earth.
But it took more to overcome the obstacles.
Emptied out bookstores, made it impossible to look for some good scores. Learned my history to apply in tomorrow's mysteries
Off of borrowed time its as crazy as horror scripts could be.
Life's a struggle, and some dreams become stationary.
People should unite to fight for your rights.
Freedom ain't so scary might even rise despite these heathens tries
to oppress. But if destiny's reading right I guess.


Liz Cisco
Spent my childhood like a tiger in a cage
Had a lot of wonders if it was possible to engage
With scams all around felt my cares were outweighed
Too scared to stand out hid like I was in a grave
Realized that dead wasn't how I wanted to live
Seeing that aggressions aren't the way to handle anything
Discovering light is more than getting back what you give
Thunder and lightening only come around when you're hurting
Trying to view life like grass is greener on my side
Taking strides on my path to what make me feel alive
Instead of trying to make things last that aren't my style
Let's try to make the best of the passion I'm giving to apply
Making every day a new one to appreciate,
The aches and pains can't stop me from feeling great
Making every day a new one to appreciate
The aches and pains can't stop me from feeling great

Track Name: Dead to Me Feat. Tone Liv & Phace (Prod. Tunna Beatz)
Still alive but you might as well be dead to me
Not saying you're an enemy, just no longer a friend to me
Not worth the energy of fakin' how I feel
The only remedy's to keep it real

Damn, not you I never thought you would switched sides
Thought you was fam, had the same bloodline
I Gave you an inch, you took a mile and ran with it
But that's me for trusting you in the beginning
Fuck friends make enemies that's what I follow
Enemies is enemies, friends remain hollow
Guess he forgot when he was down and out,
When he didn't have a place and I helped him out
Felt like Caesar when Brutus stabbed him in his back
Thought he was a homie, he's a rat in the pack
The only time I see him when his hand's all out
Giving me sad stories don't believe that clout
It ain't the same like it used to be back in the day
I don't got time for fakeness, go that-a-way
Me and you will never see eye to eye,
He sounded shook, when he seen me ride by


To say I don't have good friends that ain't true,
There's one thing's for sure I know that ain't you
I see how you act, read what you lack
Approach from the front cuz you'll stab from the back
I've been stunted on, once too many times
And I ain't an idiot, I recognize your kind
Boxing in categories, leave 'em all confined
Out of my life, is the best way defined
While you were out wildin', begging for a savior
I just sat back, and watched your behavior
In my heart you were marked as a traitor
There's no God damn way I'll say a prayer for a hater
My whole style's in line, call me a pro-skater
If you paid to be my friend I bet the check's post-dated
Verbataim my line's are pro-rated
I got more corpses in my closet than Newark's got closed cases


Been here too many times to know that it's not gonna work
I'm not saying this to be a jerk,
See I'm used to gettin' hurt
Cuz when I love someone I give them the world,
So why does no one do the same for the girl?
(Tell me why?)
If I give my word to you then I expect it'd be returned,
In the end I'm always gettin' burned
(Tre you never learn)
Don't regret that we met cuz you were major in my life,
I accept that I'm not always right, and you react with spite
To say the least I am overly too nice,
So I trust you with the gun for you to stab me with a knife
Shouldn't be surprised, didn't wanna see the signs
Now I analyze your lies, you're a snake in a disguise
I'll keep my distance, call you an aquaintance
Downgraded to basic, cuz now I lost my patience
You had the answers and you still ain't pass the test
On that note I wish you all the best
Track Name: Slight Overcast Feat. Axl J. Foley (Prod. W.O. Bundy)
We've been spendin' lots of time together
And that's cool cuz I dig you and you dig me
Without having to get tipsy, I know how these things be
We agree to take it slow, plant the seed let's see if it grows
Mind saying not to get too close,
But my heart does what it wants it doesn't like to be controlled
Your eyes speak right to my soul,
And it happens so rarely, that's why I'm so weary
Think what you want but I'm a woman with a theory
My feelings tend to scare me cuz I don't know if you're feelin' the same,
New day but the same old game, give your heart out it comes back in pain
So pardon me for tryna break that trend,
This time I'm only playing to win, how much more can I bend?
Keep it real because my heart is at stake, tell me when to start pumpin' my breaks

When I'm not around do you ever think about me?
Can I make your day sunny even when the weather's cloudy?
I know, how I feel question is how do you?
Before things go any further I'm gon' need to know the truth

I know I'm not around every time you want me
But it's hard to drop this lust I have for lovelies
I'm in love with two women, like Mr. Cheeks
One has my heart, the other wants me in the sheets
Tug of war, R&B love triangle
I weaved this web, now I feel all tangled
Late night, phone calls, I miss you, Where you been?
I say I'm in the studio but truthfully I'm with a friend
She don't deserve it but hell, I'm not perfect
I told her one day that shrimpin ain't worth it
But she stood by my side and dealt with my BS
I'm in the wrong state of mind to give her my best
I wish she would leave, and find some one better
Then I find myself writing her love letters
I don't know it feels like a day time soap
I need a rehab for love to help me cope
Track Name: When I'm Gone Feat. Tha Soloist (Prod. Tunna Beatz)
There always is an end like there always is a start
Pray to God I hope I'm leaving my mark
Cuz even when you're gone life still goes on
You gotta measure out the pros and the cons

When I'm gone I only hope that my name lives on,
That's why I put my heart in all of my songs
Like to think that my time here was spent well
But who knows if I'll be sanctioned to hell
Tighten my belt, expect the best but prepare for the worst
Tend to preach but I ain't one for the church,
Underground from Jerze so I deserve to be in dirt,
No more kick me to the curb so no more feelings gettin' hurt
No more pickin words to try to tell you what to me makes sense
No more thinkin' coping's equal to bent...
Have a party at my wake because I've always been funny
Please forget that I was always dressed bummy,
Hopefully it's better cuz my life on earth's crumby
Not Philly, yet it always stays sunny
No more snakes, smile in my face
Behind it are mistrusting, No cliche only God can judge me
I know that I ain't perfect but I hope I served a purpose
If I changed one life it was worth it, No more feeling worthless
I won't argue with the Reaper, be more like it's nice to meet ya
You could call me Tre-L or Seleta


When I'm gone you mothafuckas gonna miss me
My words reach through the pain and the misery
Forever shine in the hearts of my family
I made it okay to talk about the tragedy
Music was the only thing to keep me righteous,
When I was a teen who would just write shit
Took it to the booth, life to the lifeless
No my soul rises like eyes when the light hits
Don't mourn cuz it happened for a reason,
Showed love to those who hated on me just for breathin'
When I was in a dark place I picked the mic up
And let the world know, that I was like fuck
Why does life feel like it's slippin every minute
But now my worries out the window so they're finished
I never wanted to diminish your career man
I was all about the peace, soon you'll understand
Dedicated to the ones that never made it,
The ones that we lost in New Orleans, often
Think about the death toll, making me stress more
The rich get richer while the poor get sicker, yo